Cleanse – Witchcraft Painting


Cleanse. Witchcraft painting. Original art.

Acrylic on canvas.

43 x 61 cm


Cleanse – Witchcraft Painting

Original Art

Original witchcraft painting of a curvaceous witch performing a cleansing ritual in front of a roaring bonfire in a dark forest.

Intention for Cleanse – Original Witchcraft Painting

Cleanse is an original piece of witchcraft painting depicting a curvaceous woman performing a cleansing ritual against the backdrop of a dark forest.

Simplicity in a Witchcraft Painting

The background of this piece is a lot more stylised than my usual work. If you look closely, you can see cascading leaves. Unlike my usual realism, the leaves have a flatter feel to them and this is intentional. I wanted them to become almost a wallpaper pattern of foliage that didn’t detract from the focal points in the foreground. The pale skin of my model and the bright glow from the fire.
This witchcraft painting is a crossover piece, combining both my imaginative realism work and my body positivity nude studies. I wanted my subject’s pronounced curves to add a powerful feminine feel to the work. The light from the bonfire plays over her naked body, giving stark contrast between the blue light of the night, and the orange glow of the flames. Her face is flushed, as if she has performed a vigorous spell. The feel of defiance in her whole demeanour is intended to make her look like a woman casting something toxic into the flames and coming into her own power. With her arms in the air, my model seems to be almost conjuring the sparks from the bonfire as they rise up into the air in front of her.

A Witchcraft Painting with a Twist of the Defiant

Cleanse symbolises feminine energy. The casting off of the weight of other people’s expectations and judgement. I would say this is a grown up piece. Maybe it relates to my own personal growth, in a way. I was very compelled to paint this witchcraft painting, and I created it in a kind of frenzy. Having turned 40 and realising, with no small amount of anger, that I’ve been trapped in a cage of others’ making my whole life, I feel burning righteous anger. And an absolute need to throw off those chains and run free. It’s one of the reasons I chose to paint this particular woman. There is no girlishness to her at all – she is a fully developed woman, inside and out. No shame, no self-consciousness… just complete, unabashed freedom.

Cleanse – Witchcraft Painting in a Traditional Medium

This witchcraft painting is an acrylic painting on canvas. There is some texture on the fire to emphasise the roaring flames against the smooth, pale skin of the model. It’s a light, slimline canvas, which can be hung as it is, or taken off the wood and framed.

Where You Can Buy Cleanse?

This is an original witchcraft painting, which has been painted by hand. You can buy the original direct from this website, or pay the markup and purchase it through Saatchi.

Art downloads are also available from this site. Art downloads are the most cost effective way to purchase a print of this work, as you can arrange for printing yourself, print it at home, or have it made into merch. The only thing you can’t do is resell it or sell on the prints yourself.

Merchandise is available from Redbubble, and luxury prints are also available from Saatchi.

This painting is on 100% cotton canvas with a wrap around edge.

• Comes with eight free keys for tightening
• Can be delivered matt original, or matt varnished
• Lightweight, slimline canvas for easy hanging without framing
• Can be framed on or off wood