There is a very high demand for commissioned artwork at the minute. You can get onto my waiting list by contacting me today to avoid disappointment.
My available slots are filling up fast, so don’t wait!


I work primarily from photographs and there is a good reason for that: time. Whatever the subject of your picture, arranging a sitting with a person or driving out to a location is time consuming and costly – it would mean raising my prices and charging for expenses, and I don’t want to do that to you.

I can work from one picture, several pictures, or provide you with a moodboard and work from references to get you where you want to be. If you don’t have pictures and just have an idea, we’ll work together to agree on what you want before I start work.

Whether you have a very fixed idea of what you want from a piece of art, or whether you want to commission a piece, but have no idea where to start, I am here to help.


So you have a good idea of what you’re looking for? That’s great! Drop me a line and we can discuss your options. You might want to check out the THINGS TO CONSIDER segment below beforehand, so you are prepared for any questions I may have.


Don’t panic! I can help you to come up with your ideal piece, whether you have a vague outline forming or you are starting from absolute scratch.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, I offer one free set of moodboards to get your creative juices flowing.

Contact me today to discuss how I can create something unique for you!

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Who is this for?
If it’s for you, then that’s fine – you know what you like. If not, bespoke artwork makes wonderful presents, but it does need to be suited to the eventual owner of the piece. Will they like it? Have they got room for it?

It’s worth getting out a tape measure and making sure you understand just how big something will be.

Canvas or paper
If you choose canvas, the artwork can either be hung as it is, or taken off the wood and framed. there’s a choice of box or regular. Box canvases are deeper at the edges and generally slightly more expensive. If you’re unsure, drop me a line.

If you choose paper, you or the recipient of the artwork will need to arrange framing. Where the picture is a standard size, I am able to offer discounted framing with a fitted mount; however I am quite limited and professional framing is very expensive.

Do you already have a photograph in mind? If so, there are some things to look out for:

  • Clarity – while the picture doesn’t have to be a work of art itself, if it’s so blurry that I can’t make it out, there’s only so much artistic licence I can apply and there’s no guarantee that it’ll come out looking how you expected.
  • Positioning – is the subject fully in the picture? Again, I can add in the odd detail that might be missing from a photograph, but I can’t create half a person, for example.
  • Lighting – Don’t worry too much about the quality of the lighting in your photograph, but do consider things like weather conditions.
  • Amalgamations – I always like a challenge, but in my experience, combining three or more photographs into one picture has its limitations.

I mainly work in acrylic and graphite pencil, but I am happy to discuss other options with you.

This is a water-based paint that comes in varying degrees of viscosity, and can be built up like oil or watered down like watercolour. Because of its versatility, it can be used to create delicate shades or bold colours. When it dries, acrylic becomes hard and durable with a slight satin finish.

What I would consider the missing link between acrylic and watercolour. Unlike acrylic, gouache dries with a matte finish, which I find useful for creating more depth in acrylic paintings.

Graphite pencil
These come in varying degrees of hardness. The harder the pencil, the lighter the stroke, which can add many degrees of contrast and shadow.

Watercolour pencils
For subtly coloured artwork with a mixed media feel.

Ink Pencils
For boldly coloured artwork, again with a mixed media feel.


Whether it’s of pets, family, friends or celebrity crushes, portraiture is by far and away my most requested subject.

Landscapes, Seascapes and Cityscapes
Beautiful places, favourite places, exotic places you’ve never been to but would love to visit.

Think about textures, colours, atmosphere. Think about examples of other artwork that you admire. Is it precise detail of a subject that you’re after, or would you prefer something looser?

Flora and Fauna
Favourite animals, bold flowers, beloved houseplants.

Body Parts
These can be really effective standalone works, or part of a series.

My favourite subject.

Do you have a new colour scheme and you need the artwork to complete it? No problem – I’ll find something that works in your space.

Still Life
Food and drink, utensils, herbs and spices, equipment and everyday items can prove to be surprisingly interesting subjects. Musical instruments for musicians, for example. Chilli peppers for the budding chef.

Superheroes and mythical creatures.