Is Saatchi the Place to Buy Art Prints Online?

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Buying Art Online – Is Saatchi Where it’s at?

Internet shopping is the new normal. But buying art online can be tricky, whether it’s original art or art prints. At least if you’re buying directly from the artist, you can have a conversation to test the waters and get a feel for who the artist is and what they stand for. But what if your artist of choice only sells through an online gallery, such as Saatchi? What reassurance do you have when dealing with the middle man?

Luckily Edinburgh-based artist, Grant Creegan, is here to soothe your concerns. At least where the largest online art platform is concerned. 

That’s right – we’re talking Saatchi Art.

I couldn’t have been any more impressed with my first experience buying prints from Saatchi Art…

Grant has done what most artists don’t and actually invested in some prints himself. In his blog post, he goes into detail about how the Saatchi Art website works and covers the experience he had buying prints from a fellow artist.

If only all online shopping experiences went as smoothly as this… Saatchi Art just gets it…They understand that buying art through a website can feel quite a risky business when you can’t see the actual work in person beforehand.

Read the full blog on the MoMa website.

Purchasing My Artwork and Prints

You can purchase my art direct from me, or you can head over to Saatchi and see what works I have exclusively through the art gallery.

I also offer free zoom appointments for people who want to view their art from all angles before they buy. Buying art is an investment, so you have to be completely secure before you spend a penny. Contact me to book a viewing and watch the video below to find out more.

Original art is available via the online shop

My art is also available in all kinds of printing formats and across all clothing and home decor products on Redbubble.

Luxury framed or canvas prints are available from Saatchi.