My Danaë

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My Danae nude has moved house with me four times and been exhibited twice. It’s the biggest painting I’ve ever done and currently presides over my living room like Venus. There’s a story of love, loss and scandal surrounding this piece… maybe I’ll tell you about it some time. There’s something mystical about her and I’ve always been a massive fan of the painter, Gustav Klimt, so when I decided to paint a redheaded fetish model, I just had to add in some magical Klimt-like touches.

I’ve had many offers, but have always refused to part with this piece of original art. However, I feel it’s time for someone else to enjoy her company. Maybe she can work some magic in your home. Where possible, I try to deliver artwork in person, so be prepared for a slightly emotional exchange on my part. But it’s time to let her go…

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