Humphrey Lyttelton

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This series was both a challenge and a pleasure to paint. My customer approached me with so many ideas, it was hard to pin him down to one. The reason for this was that it was to be a 90th birthday present to the customer’s sister and man was she one interesting lady!

This world-traveller, budding cook, jazz lover, Manchester dweller who suffered no fools and had chain-smoked her way through life to this ripe old age showed no signs of slowing down.

Add to these innumerable interests a moodboard as long as the M1 and the trial of trying to whittle it down to one was nigh on impossible. Which is why we ended up with four such disparate pieces that actually ended up working really well against each other.


Humphrey Lyttelton was second on my list. While painting Django Reinhardt had been an absolute joy, this painting was quite a hardship. Humphrey’s strange features made it difficult to get a likeness, especially since the whole time I’d been a fan of him, he’d been an old man and grown into his face. There were many sleepless nights spent poring over this picture to figure out where I’d gone wrong and eventually, I realised I’d been looking at him all wrong. With a few simple adjustments, I had him! Somehow this


Left to right
Django Reinhardt
Cigarette Smoke
Indian Spices
Humphrey Lyttelton

Sorry – this piece has either sold or was a commission with no prints.
But don’t despair! While I won’t ever recreate the exact same artwork, I can do something similar, so get in touch and let me know what you’re after.