Men Rarely Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses?

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It’s always annoyed me that glasses are considered unattractive. And not just because I wear them most of the time. I’ve always found glasses incredibly sexy. I was inspired to create this series after reading a Dorothy Parker quote “Men rarely make passes at girls who wear glasses”. I love Dorothy Parker and one could argue in her defence, she was living in a pre specs-as-fashion era, but it riled me.

I’m a big fan of white space and especially in overexposed pictures. I think the space adds intrigue. This will eventually be a three part series and I’m looking for a model. But this one has to have some meat on her bones – these women are sexy, obviously, but I’d hate to think I wasn’t all for body positivity.

If you’re a curvy glasses wearer and think you might be the model for me, get in touch.