North York Moors

I painted this from a photograph a photographer friend of mine took while we were out walking, right before the heavens opened. It featured in my exhibition opening in 2013.   Sorry – this piece has either sold or was a commission with no prints. … Continue readingNorth York Moors

Hanging Ballerina

This pencil drawing I did one weekend at a friend’s house while we sat in comfortable silence, engrossed in our own pursuits. I liked the dark, eerie feeling of the piece and it gave me and the fact that it sits on the border between … Continue readingHanging Ballerina

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Django Reinhardt

FOUR PAINTINGS This series was both a challenge and a pleasure to paint. My customer approached me with so many ideas, it was hard to pin him down to one. The reason for this was that it was to be a 90th birthday present to … Continue readingDjango Reinhardt

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Cold Shoulder

Graphite pencil drawing. I just love how the light catches her collarbones. If you wish to buy the original artwork or prints, please contact me. Original artwork is available at £65 and measures just under 21cm x 29.7cm For print costs, please see the Pricing page

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