Leeds Town Hall

This is the thirs in a series of landmark paintings that I’ve been commissioned to do. At time of writing, this commission is taking up 90% of my time, but it’s going to be very striking when it’s all hanging together. This is piece one … Continue readingLeeds Town Hall

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My Danaë

My Danaë has moved house with me three times and been exhibited twice. It’s the biggest painting I’ve ever done and currently presides over my living room like Venus. I’ve had many offers, but this is one piece I’m not willing to part with – … Continue readingMy Danaë

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North York Moors

I painted this from a photograph a photographer friend of mine took while we were out walking, right before the heavens opened. It featured in my exhibition opening in 2013.   Sorry – this piece has either sold or was a commission with no prints. … Continue readingNorth York Moors

Hanging Ballerina

This pencil drawing I did one weekend at a friend’s house while we sat in comfortable silence, engrossed in our own pursuits. I liked the dark, eerie feeling of the piece and it gave me and the fact that it sits on the border between … Continue readingHanging Ballerina

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Django Reinhardt

FOUR PAINTINGS This series was both a challenge and a pleasure to paint. My customer approached me with so many ideas, it was hard to pin him down to one. The reason for this was that it was to be a 90th birthday present to … Continue readingDjango Reinhardt

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Cold Shoulder

Graphite pencil drawing. I just love how the light catches her collarbones. If you wish to buy the original artwork or prints, please contact me. Original artwork is available at £65 and measures just under 21cm x 29.7cm For print costs, please see the Pricing page

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