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Art and design; ready made or on commission.

You can buy art, play a part its creation or simply become inspired right here. A lot of people consider art to be highbrow; my intention is to create a safe space for anybody who has an interest in art.

I am a versatile freelance artist and designer based in West Yorkshire. When I’m not working on commission, I like to explore the darker side of beauty with heavy graphite pencils, occasionally straying into the fascinating world of fetish.

Whatever you’re in the market for, I can always offer advice; whether it’s talking you through some ideas, implementing an idea you already have or even pointing you in the right direction. There is no thought too big, too small, or too weird, and never be afraid to float suggestions.

If you have any questions about what I do or you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, I’m happy to help.

Already know what you want? Commission me or enquire about my portfolio by visiting the Contact page. Alternatively, you can find me on most social media platforms.

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I am incredibly busy, so if you do want to commission me, it’s worth contacting me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. My available slots are filling up fast!


Elizabethan Clown

I really wanted to create something moody and slightly poignant, and with the whole recent debacle of clowns hiding in bushes to jump out at people off the back of the remake of the Stephen King horror, IT, the subject of clowns seems to strike … Continue readingElizabethan Clown

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The Importance of a Contract

Arty farty type rejects contract Being a creative soul, I’m not the most practical of people when it comes to things like finances and business plans and negotiations and, more specifically, contracts. “I don’t need that!” I airily intone. “I’m a free spirit and have … Continue readingThe Importance of a Contract

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I was asked to create a panoramic of bunny rabbits, with the stipulation that they weren’t all head on. This was a lot of fun to create. It was nice to paint in a different style for a change and adding the colour pop of … Continue readingRabbits

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When you’re unsure what to get someone for a special occasion, original artwork can be a truly unique gift. I did this pencil drawing of Spider-Man for a friend’s 30th a while back.   Sorry – this piece has either sold or was a commission with … Continue readingSpider-Man

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